In today's dynamic global environment, the pursuit of quality higher education beyond national borders continues to evolve rapidly. Acumen has conducted an in-depth survey and report exploring the key factors shaping the international education journey for students today through the perception of education agents.

Key Insights from the Acumen Agent Perception Report 

  • Identification of emerging trends in the popular destinations students are pursuing degrees
  • Analysis of the impact of policy changes in major study destination countries
  • Perspectives from over 100 education professionals on the frontlines of student recruitment
  • Strategic recommendations to support student success and enhance recruitment

Examining the Acumen Agent Perception Report's Key Findings

  • Evaluation of shifting student priorities in light of the pandemic experience
  • Dissection of policy updates in countries like Canada, Australia, USA, UK and their effect on student flows
  • Profile of rising destinations for Indian students such as Germany, France, Singapore  and Dubai
  • Insights into the growing role of regional hubs within India for international education
  • A framework to align your institution with the evolving landscape of global student mobility

Graduate Route Migration Advisory Committee (MAC): Comprehensive Insights and Global Immigration Trends

In response to recent and evolving global immigration trends in the UK, Australia, and Canada, Acumen have included an additional resource for education professionals. 

Key Highlights:

  • Graduate Route Overview: Examination of the UK's policy allowing graduates to stay and work for 2-3 years post-graduation.
  • Review Scope: Analysis on route usage, user demographics, and contributions to the UK economy.
  • Impact on Applications: Decline in student applications noted.
  • Global Context: Insights into recent Canadian and Australian immigration changes affecting student market sentiments.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage in International Education in India

This report provides valuable insights for all stakeholders in international education. Whether you are an educational institution seeking to broaden your reach, an education professional aiming to refine your recruitment strategies or a policymaker looking to understand changing global trends - these findings offer targeted analysis.

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