Delve into the heart of India’s thriving education sector with our comprehensive Acumen India 10 States Report: Karnataka. As a pivotal state advancing India's knowledge economy, Karnataka stands out with its robust educational landscape and dynamic opportunities for global educational partnerships.

Why Karnataka? Key Insights for International Education Providers:

Research and Innovation Leadership:

Featuring institutes like the Indian Institute of Science, the state is at the forefront of sectors such as biotechnology and aerospace.

Educational Powerhouse:

Home to 84 universities, 671 nursing colleges, and more, Karnataka boasts one of the highest densities of higher education institutions in India.

Global Technology and Education Hub:

Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, not only excels in IT but also supports a vibrant educational scene with over 1,000 colleges.

High Student Mobility: 

With 70% of its students coming from outside the state, Karnataka is a key player in both domestic and international student mobility.

What You Will Gain from This Report

Global Detailed Analysis of Emerging Education Centres:

Learn about emerging cities like Mangaluru and Mysuru, which are becoming new hubs for international education due to their excellent educational infrastructure and industry support.

Insight into International Schools:

Over 200 international schools in Karnataka offer globally recognised curricula, preparing students excellently for overseas higher education.

Understanding of Government and Economic Support:

Discover how Karnataka’s policies encourage foreign collaborations and create a supportive business environment for educational growth.

Download the Full Report Now to Harness the Potential of Karnataka's Education Sector 

This report is essential for foreign higher education institutions looking to expand their footprint in a culturally rich and economically vibrant region. Whether you are seeking partnership opportunities, aiming to establish new campuses, or looking to attract international students, Karnataka offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation conducive to educational success.

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